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Stress Wisely: How to Be Well in an Unwell World, is a kind reckoning against everything we have ever learned about stress delivered as a knockout punch. Dr. Robyne, with her signature honesty and humor, relatability and intimacy invites you to lean into the parts of you that intuitively knows there must be a better way. Using the eight realms of wellness, Dr. Robyne presents deep, yet clear and concise, insights into how to make stress and your nervous system your ally in every season and stage of your life.

Calm Within the Storm

Available at your local book store! Dr. Robyne maps out a kinder approach to taking on the challenges of life and developing authentic self-alignment and balance. By focusing on research-informed, sustainable, and achievable personal development practices, Dr. Robyne presents a new, attainable model for everyday resiliency - one that everyone can use to feel more grounded and capable. She identifies the obstacles that derail us and keep us stuck, and shows us how to enact our resiliency through stories, research, and practical strategies.
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Summit 52 by Dr. Greg and Dr Robyne
SUMMIT 52 is a membership-based community of practice dedicated to bringing research-informed resources, tools and insights to people who want to level up every aspect of their life. This is a holistic hub for high performers committed to personal and professional excellence.
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Anchor Labs is an online ecosystem that houses strategically designed courses that are facilitated through self-directed and asynchronous learning. The courses are designed using sound pedagogical principles that deliver research-informed ideas, tools, and strategies, alongside practical, real-world applications that are sustainable and build immediate capacity. This is the next-level professional and personal development that is unlike anything else out there.
Here in time by Dr. Robyne and Peter Katz website
An artist and a scientist. We love to keep in touch and decided to hit record on our conversations in case they can serve you. Often we come from different perspectives, however, we come upon these knowing that we wanted to share with you.

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Each item in the Everyday Resiliency shop has been curated with an intention that aligns with the values of Dr. Robyne. Most items are selected from Canadian, women-led businesses.

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