January 11th, 7 pm EST
HOW TO BE: Truly Well in 2024

The quest for wellness and sustainable health is a common aspiration, yet many struggle to navigate the abundance of information and implement lasting changes. Dr. Robyne and Dr. Greg are using their combined 40 years of experience researching, consulting, and coaching to bring a state-of-the-art program that supports people’s ability to unlock what life enhancing habits work best for YOU. In the first of its kind ‘How to Be Truly Well micro-class immersive, YOU will learn and experience:

Science-based insights into the obstacles to achieving wellness goals, such as resistance to change despite the fear of remaining stagnant, knowing what to do but struggling to act, and feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of available information. 

The promise of sharing insights backed by 40 years of combined experience in research, consulting, and coaching indicates a reliance on evidence-based information rather than quick fixes or fads. 

The program will provide attendees with a personalized growth blueprint. This blueprint will be tailored to an individual’s unique circumstances and preferences, offering a plan that can be implemented monthly throughout 2024. 

The program will empower individuals to take charge of their health by providing tools and guidance, shifting the decision-making power to the participants themselves. 

It will never feel like the right time. YOU get to decide when your health and wellness becomes a priority. Build your personal agency and readiness for change.

In this one event, you will be gaining actionable insights, crafting a personalized blueprint plan, and be part of a community committed to holistic well-being. The emphasis on science-backed strategies and personalized blueprints is a much-needed departure from generic advice, offering a more tailored and effective approach to achieving wellness goals. 

Ultimately, this program aims to bridge the gap between knowledge and action, enabling individuals to make sustainable changes and experience genuine health and wellness breakthroughs in the coming year. 

‘This has completely changed how I look at setting goals. I really feel like this is going to change everything for me.’
How To Be Participant

We are all looking for ways to sustain and improve our health and wellness. But it’s a struggle when we’re flooded with confusing and contradictory messages about how to make it happen in our very full lives.

Dr. Robyne and Dr. Greg have cracked the code and are here to guide you through the noise, misinformation and myths about health and wellness, so you can start living well and feeling better - today. This is the time to move away from generic advice, fads, and quick fixes. Build your Personalized Health and Wellness Blueprint for real results.

There is no magic pill, program, or overnight trick to living well. Yet there are ways to work with your physiology and psychology to make being truly well possible and sustainable. Dr. Robyne and Dr. Greg are here to show you how to work smarter not harder. Remember, “rowing harder doesn’t help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction.” (Kenichi Ohmae)

See what our participants say

‘Dr. Robyne and Dr. Greg are not influencers, they are scientists. They have built you a process that leads to reliable results not ‘likes’.’
How To Be Participant
‘This should have been taught in school! It is amazing how the right questions can lead to information that changes everything. I love my personalized blueprint.’
How To Be Participant


2.5 hours, hosted on Zoom

All registrants will have access to a digital copy of the workbook. We do ask that you print this out for the event. A printer-friendly version is included. 

Yes! Please be mindful of your selected event date. Shipping will be approx. 7 to 10 business days. We do not guarantee shipping times but will do our best! 

You will have access for ONE year! In our event platform, you will be able to access the digital workbook as well as a recording of the event. 

Yes! Group rates are available for corporations and businesses. Group rates start at 10 participants. Please email hello@robynehd.ca for a quote. 

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