Lighthouse on the edge of the sea

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Outside of the academy Robyne share’s her work with diverse groups and organizations including: local and national organizations, educators, school boards and unions, first responders, health care professionals, military personal and their families, front liner workers, health and safety professionals, college and university sector, elite sport teams, and business professionals including legal and medical personnel. Robyne is recognized for her ability to communicate research informed wise practices that are deeply impactful while being accessible, timely and relevant to all audiences. Robyne’s events include large keynotes, tailored workshops, learning circles, and retreats. Topics include:

• Resiliency
• Parenthood Resiliency 
• Life with Work Balance
• High Pressure & Demand Workplaces and Wellness
• Change Management
• Goal Setting
• Authentic Wellness in the Work place
• Toddlerhood to Teenagehood: Parenting with Purpose
• Challenges, changes, loss and grief
• Educational Pursuits 
• Optimal Performance Tactics for Teams
• Stress Intersectionality in Sports

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