Calm Within the Storm outlines a powerful and achievable path to everyday resiliency. Dr. Robyne joined a group of highly esteemed authors from around the globe when her book won a 2022 Silver Nautilus Award.


An inspiring new voice in resiliency, Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe believes that our modern conception of resiliency as “fighting” or being “tougher” is misguided. Learning happens when we are able to trust and feel safe; fear and shame are barriers, not facilitators, for authentic growth, acceptance, and change. In Calm Within the Storm, Dr. Robyne maps out a kinder approach to taking on the challenges of life and developing authentic self-alignment and balance. By focusing on research-informed, sustainable, and achievable personal development practices, Dr. Robyne presents a new, attainable model for everyday resiliency – one that everyone can use to feel more grounded and capable. She identifies the obstacles that derail us and keep us stuck, and shows us how to enact our resiliency through stories, research, and practical strategies.


Calm Within the Storm

… as the anthem of the under-dog! I have braided personal story, research, and practical applications to create a book that tackles complex ideas in a manner that is accessible for everyone. I believe the world needs a wee bit of a comeback story right now, and a map to create their own! This is not a book about resiliency for resiliency’s sake. It is a practical not a radical approach to resiliency that welcomes people exactly where they are and takes them where they want to go. My goal was to share what I have come upon in 20 years of research and teaching to help people navigate the ebbs and flows of life. I want people to finally take themselves out of the never-ending race of trying to carry the weight of the world on their own. I want to help people quiet the noise of comparison and conquering and live with a deep conviction that they can do hard things, and that all will be well.

Award-winning calm within the storm

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